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Why the Move?

Out with the old and in with the new, as they say.

The old blog is down, now, and I’ve set up shop over here. I have some big plans, but there’s just too much history associated with the old place. Too many associations with people, organizations, and ideas that I no longer share. Too many arguments with individuals, rather than ideas.

If you’ve followed me for the move, you’ll have noticed that a lot of posts didn’t make the transition. I’ve tried to take out the political stuff wherever I could find it. So too the full-throated defenses of folkishness, and sniping at individuals. There are still a few posts where my skills at such are still very much on display, but I’ve tried to re-place the emphasis on history, scholarship, and ritual.

As for the new year and beyond, I’m planning to stay on that course. I’m turning inward, and will be focusing a lot of my time on individual religious observance. The local group I founded is moving in a different direction than me, and although I don’t wish them any ill, it’s no longer the spiritual home I had hoped it would become. I’m also going to recommit to my magical practices, which have been left neglected for several years now.

I’m intending to chronicle those observances and practices here, and continue my researches into a more robust, organic, and holistic type of faith and practice, which I’m calling Traditional Asatru. Come with me as I explore just what that looks like, and how one person can embrace it.

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