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Week-long Viking Festival kicks off in York (UK)

This sounds like so much fun, I wish I was in the UK!

From The York Press (more at the link):

York has taken a turn for the Norse as a celebration of the city’s Scandinavian history begins.

A display of roar power signalled the start of the 30th Jorvik Viking Festival in Coppergate on Saturday as the first warriors set up camp, complete with a fully-equipped longship and an array of ancient myths and legends.
The week of festival events – many of them free – builds up to the discovery this Saturday of whether the prediction of Ragnarok, the Norse apocalypse, will come true.

The day itself will see the “ultimate battle” between rival tribes, and Vikings will be offering advice on how to prepare for the clash with sword combat sessions for youngsters every day at the Merchant Adventurers’ Hall.

 We have Scandinavian Festivals and SCA wars here in the US, but nothing close to this.

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