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“Vikings” Historical Drama Series to Debut April 2013

Medievalists.net has a great article on the upcoming “Vikings” historical drama series, to be produced and written by Michael Hirst, who gave us both The Tudors and The Borgias. I’m a huge fan of those series, and have very high hopes that Vikings will live up to its predecessors.

The series will center around Ragnar Lothbrok (known to us from the Ragnarssona þáttr and other sources), who raided France quite successfully but met his end in England at the hands of the Anglo-Saxon king Aella. He is probably most famous for dying in Aella’s snake pit, playing a song ona  harp with his feet (his hands were bound) before expiring. This led to his sons invading England with the Great Heathen Army, which is a tale in and of itself.

Some modern Heathens celebrate March 28th as his day of remembrance, as it is the anniversary of Ragnar’s sacking of Paris. Ah, good times. 

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