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Two New Wicker Man Sequels?

(Tip of the horned helmet to The Wild Hunt Blog.)

It turns out that the creator of the original 1973, terrific version of The Wicker Man is in the midst of making a sequel! But the news gets even better. It turns out he intends to make a trilogy, with the third set in Iceland and called “Twilight of the Gods”. Woot!

At age 80, Robin Hardy shows no signs of slowing down: “I don’t feel my age particularly. I’ve got several more projects I’m working on, including a third part of the pagan trilogy, ‘The Twilight of the Gods,’ set in Iceland, reaching back to Wagner’s Ring Cycle. The Scandinavians had no written language when they landed in Iceland but they had a great oral tradition, great sagas, and that’s what inspires this, as the country of Iceland becomes a giant theme park under the aegis of a studio like Disney or Universal.”

“It’s not difficult for a conglomerate to take over a land of 300,000 people. Problem is: the Nordic gods don’t like the trivialization of their traditions and people start disappearing,” he continues. “The news is suppressed, of course, and all is denied, just like with the Iraq War, and the studio basically doesn’t care. But Icelanders, even the best educated, believe in fairies, and that fantasy is an extra dimension. You know how – in Wagner – the Rhine River rises and engulfs the stage? In Iceland, there’s a volcano that’s covered by a glacier. Occasionally, it melts on the underside. Basic geology. Huge geysers come up and water engulfs the countryside and the gods get the last word. Like so much, it’s based on truth.”

Read the whole thing here. (And there are pics, too!)

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  1. No, unfortunately I didn't make it to Nj PPD. I really hope to do it one of these years, though! It would be nice to actually meet some NJ pagans, lol! I've lived here over 10 years, and I've only met 1!

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