Thorn Magazine Going All-Digital

From their webite:

Despite strong enthusiasm for and interest in the work we’re doing, businesses have been unable to afford extra expenses for advertising and potential readers have had their pockets stripped by the Great Recession. Coupled with the usual enormous cost of printing and the spiraling postage rates, these circumstances have finally cornered us into an inescapable conclusion: we no longer have the cashflow available to continue printing this quarterly magazine. The October 2009 issue, Vol 1 Issue 4, will be our last in print.

While I certainly understand the necessity of such a move, I cannot help but be a little saddened. There is something substantive about a hard-copy magazine as opposed to the ephemerality of a website. The former could, in theory, be stumbled on by happenstance. You see it on a friend’s coffee table, or on the shelf of a local bookstore. The latter must be sought out, and even then, it’s going to be most often only the articles you specifically are looking for that will get read. With a print magazine, there’s far more opportunity to browse, I think.

But hey, it’s their magazine. I hope I’ll have a place in the final issue as I have in the others.

One thought on “Thorn Magazine Going All-Digital

  1. I hadn't even heard of this magazine before. Thanks for posting about it!

    And yes, there is something about hard copy magazines and books. Reading something on a screen is just not the same as holding it in your hands.

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