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This Time, a Real Threat: DC40

While it is the case that The Wild Hunt Blog makes a regular habit of trying to invent some Republican threat or conspiracy against Pagans with little or no actual evidence, this time I must give all due credit to Jason in alerting the community to a project and organization called DC40.

This is linked to the New Apostolic Movement, which is a real and direct threat to Pagans and Heathens (and, frankly, to anyone who doesn’t follow their narrow and non-mainstream version of Christianity). They want to see the United States turned into a Christian theocracy which leans on the side of the Old Testament “worship me or else” Jehovah rather than the slightly more moderate New Testament “worship me because you’d feel guilty if you didn’t” Jesus. But don’t take my word for it, here’s their own promotional video:

The point has already been made that, for those of us who believe in the power of directed Will to affect change in the mundane world, there is no difference between a magical Working and this sort of massive directed prayer. They’re going to be targeting their bigoted bile against each state of the Union in turn.

I will personally be organizing a counter-protest here in New Jersey on November 20. Details to come, but I encourage Pagans, Heathens, and those sympathetic to us to do the same in your community. Let the combined voices of America be heard; there is no place in the Republic for this sort of bigotry and intolerance.

One thought on “This Time, a Real Threat: DC40

  1. I just had to deal with a bunch of narrow minded "christian" Republicans on a FB group I was formally a member of.

    The Group insisted all Muslims where child molesters…it was annoying.

    Having worked with and fought along side Iraqis I can assure you they are as applaud by child molestation as any other normal human being.


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