The Irony, It Burns!

A few weeks ago over at, one “Field Faerie” posted an article entitled Where’s the “Community” in the Pagan Community?

The gist of her complaint was that it was too difficult to find any fellow pagans in her neck of the woods; a small rural town in the Pacific Northwest. Field states, for example:

As far as I know, the closest Pagans to me live in a completely different city, and only in theory, because I happen to be the only Pagan I know.

Now, this is a fair enough complaint, and one that doubtless hundreds if not thousands of pagans and heathens face as well. But she seems to feel it is the fault of the “pagan community” that she is in this predicament:

But as far as I know, the largest functioning groups of Pagans are a few covens scattered here and there. Not to tromp on anyone’s toes, but covens aren’t enough. They’re too few and far in between to make much of a difference clearing the name of Paganism. Yes, covens are wonderful ways for people to work together on their path, but a coven does not a community make.

And she finishes her piece with a repeat of the same complaint; there just aren’t any pagans she can meet face-to-face:

As far as I know, I myself have no place where I can sit down face to face with another Pagan and discuss our personal beliefs. As far as I’m concerned, you lose all the intrigue in a conversation over the Internet, and instant messaging just isn’t the same as a real tête-à-tête.

So where’s the irony in all this? Check it out:

“(No, I have NOT opted to receive Pagan Invites! Please do NOT send me anonymous invites to groups, sales and events.)”

2 thoughts on “The Irony, It Burns!

  1. Very good point. I looked it up, and there are 4 meetups within 25 miles of her town listed, several of which have more than 500 members! (Turns out she's half an hour away from both Portland and Salem, OR.)

    Soooo… it's more a question of her not being willing to hop on a bus, than any lack of pagans within a reasonable distance. I suppose she expects them to simply drop onto her porch out of the sky.

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