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The Green Man of Sainte-Mère-Église

I stumbled across this image of a Green Man built into the church of Sainte Mère Eglise, located in Normandy, France. I find it quite compelling. The commune was founded in the 1100’s, so it’s not impossible that some vestiges of pre-Christian belief were still around during its construction (there was a Heathen “revival” about a hundred years before as a number of Norsemen from the Danelaw and Ireland came to settle in Normandy).

Being an aficionado of Felicitas Goodman’s Where the Spirits Ride the Wind, there is an interesting bit of magical insight that can be gleaned from it.

For those not familiar with Goodman’s work, the basic premise is that ancient images are not randomly posed, but rather than the poses seen in figurines, statues, and artwork depict magical poses used in shamanic-style ritual.

I might add that I personally think Ms. Goodman reaches somewhat in some of her examples, and sees magical poses everywhere, even where they are not necessarily present, but this particular example speaks to me on an intuitive level.

Looking at it from beneath, the feet are tucked under the body, with the balls of the feet pressed together. The hands are cupped, one in the other. It’s difficult to tell just from the photograph, but the eyes seem closed and the face seems very serene.

I will be using this pose for meditation, and hopefully it will yield some interesting results.

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  1. Interesting to find a Green Man in a French church, of all places. Hope you get something interesting from the meditation in that position. I have added your blog link to mine, take a visit sometime perhaps!

    Good luck, Hammerkast

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