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Some more about that Asatru temple in Iceland

Plan for the hof building – sleek and modern

Iceland Review has a nice story about the Asatru temple that is about to be built in Iceland. Ground-breaking is set to happen in March, and early 50% of people polled in Iceland support its construction (just imagine that poll in the U.S.!). There were a couple of very interesting items in this story that I hadn’t heard before, though:

The 350-square-meter building, which will house 250 people, is expected to be completed in the summer of 2016. The building will be constructed around the path of the sun and the sacred numbers of 9 and 432,000 are used in the design, reports.

The City of Reykjavík donated the site to the Ásatrú Association but the building’s costs, estimated at ISK 130 million (USD 975,000, EUR 860,000), will be raised by the society itself.

It’s nice to hear that they’re incorporating some of the sacred numbers of ancient Germanic belief, but what I, as an American, am simply astounded by is the fact that the city donated the land for the temple!

And here’s a short video about the project (in Icelandic, but you can get the gist from the images, I hope).

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