Sagas of Imagination

Hey all!

Just a quick announcement; Ben Waggoner’s latest translation of sagas — a collection titled Sagas of Imagination — is now available on Amazon.

It contains the following:

  • The Saga of King Half and his Warband
  • The Saga of Asmund Champions’-Bane
  • The Tale of Sorli
  • The Saga of the Apostle Bartholomew
  • The Saga of the Descent into Hell
  • Geography
  • The Physiologus and Related Texts

One might question the inclusion of Christian texts, but I find them very useful, especially when attempting to suss out Christian influences from genuine Heathen sources. By knowing how things were thought of in Christian works, we can more easily identify their impact on our own sagas and stories. In addition, the use of language is also instructive; by comparing Christian and Heathen use of words, we can gain more insight into their original meaning.

Definitely worth picking up!

Buy it here.

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