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Runa-Raven Press Closing their Doors

Well this is something of a surprise. Venerable publisher Runa-Raven Press, outlet for many works by the Rune Gild and its members, will be closing its doors on September 20, 2012:

Unfortunately Runa-Raven will be going out of business as of September 20, 2012. We will honor all orders that have already been made and we still encourage everyone to buy the books still available before September 20. They are bound to be collectors items in the future.

Definitely take advantage of this last opportunity to pick up any titles that look interesting. I’ll be plugging any gaps in my own collection, to be sure. I most highly recommend:

  • A Book of Troth (one of the best “beginners books” ever, and remains so today)
  • Futhark: A Handbook of Rune Magic (Edred’s first, and best, book on runes)
  • Grave and Gallows (a collection of Latin and Greek sources relating to early Germanic religion)
  • True Hearth (a companion to A Book of Troth dealing with household rites and family worship)
I’d avoid the titles relating to Third Reich occultism and Satanism unless you have a special interest in those topics. But the catalog is certainly worth going through in its entirety, at least for the next month or so!

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