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Rites of the Heathen Household

If you look to the left menu, you’ll see a section entitled “Downloads”. The first offering (of many, hopefully) is a booklet entitled “Rites of the Heathen Household”. The idea is that while Theodsmen approach the Gods corporately– that is, on a tribal level– individuals, families, and rooftrees should be approaching more local spirits such as land-wights and household gods in a parallel fashion.

The current booklet is an extract from a much larger work that I am currently laboring over and hope to have ready for the light of day next year sometime. It will be put together in a modular format, so that each family, rooftree, or individual can take the elements that they like, arrange them in a fashion that makes sense to them and speaks to their particular spiritual needs, and begin to establish their own household religious tradition.

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