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Right on cue

And there it is, as predicted, the Lokeans lashing out against Karl Seigfried because of his post about Loki last week on the Wild Hunt. Apparently he got one credible death threat on Twitter (which has since been removed), and the Lokeans have put together a response/open letter.

And boy, does that letter tick all the boxes when it comes to the worst parts of pagan self-righteousness and martyrdom:

  • “Seigfried’s article crossed an important line from eccentric opinion to bigotry. “
  • “…Seigfried’s final two paragraphs… are essentially “a call to action” to discriminate and further marginalize all who hail Loki in their religious and devotional practices…”
  • ““Lokiphobia” is a word we wish we did not need to coin, and yet many members of our spiritual and religious community have been dealing with prejudice for years.”
  • “Many of us are women, LGBTQIA, have disabilities, or hold other identities that on the whole have made us targets within the larger Heathen community which has consistently held much more traditionally conservative views. “
  • “…discrimination against a religious minority “

All the words we’ve come to expect from whiners when they think they’re not getting the respect they haven’t earned, yet still deserve. Bigotry. Discrimination. Marginalization. -phobia. All the words that usually send certain folks into a tizzy, trying desperately to avoid sounding like the people they usually, themselves, condemn.

Congratulations to the Wild Hunt for not giving in to this sort of pressure.

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