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Review: “What Does Heathenry Mean?”

Garman Lord’s new book is a much-needed addition to the modern Heathen library. It’s scale is both grand and small; he starts with a sweeping theory of religion that covers thousands of years, and then zooms in to the history of Theodish Belief over the last 40+ years.

There are many insights to be had in the book when it comes to religion in general, but I found his account of the history of Theodism to be fascinating. Despite having studied it myself, and indeed seen some of it first-hand, his insider view of the development of this important branch of the Heathen revival tree provided many insights and much-needed perspective on the major events and personalities in Theodish history.

Those who are looking for a cookbook of rituals and yet another description of who the Gods are will be disappointed. This is a much deeper work, providing a theological, historical, and philosophical underpinning for Theodish Belief.

Look elsewhere for the answer to the question “how do I do this?” This book answers the question “why do I do this?”

You can find this book (a 209 page softcover for a ridiculously reasonable price) on Amazon here (affiliate link):

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