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Walpurgisnacht Part One

Walpurgisnacht, also known as Valborg, Rood Eve, and May Eve, is celebrated on the 30th of April. The current name comes from the Catholic St. Walburga, whose canonization day is May 1st (hence Walburga-eve on April 30). Because she was an historical figure, and is known to have lived (rather than being merely a mythological… Continue reading Walpurgisnacht Part One

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Icelandic Asatruar get Support from Thailand

This is a weird bit of news, and I’m still trying to figure it out. Apparently the Asatruarfelagid in Iceland has received thousands of Euros from religious leaders in Thailand, to help with the construction of their temple outside Reykjavik. You can read the story here (and there’s a link in that story to the… Continue reading Icelandic Asatruar get Support from Thailand

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Two AFA Members Kicked out of National Guard

Two members of the Asatru Folk Assembly have been drummed out of the Georgia National Guard because of their ties to the group, according to the Associated Press. Dalton Woodward and Trent East were “outed” by an antifa group out of Atlanta, and since the AFA is currently on the Southern Poverty Law Center’s list… Continue reading Two AFA Members Kicked out of National Guard

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Where are our Sibyls?

In the comments of my previous post, the question of the appropriateness of “divine revelation” and “visions from the Gods” came up. This is actually a subject I’ve been meaning to discuss for some time, so it seemed a perfect opportunity. The commenter felt that such things led to “Leaders who cannot be questioned because… Continue reading Where are our Sibyls?