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Odinist Prisoner News: Smith v. Governor for the State of Alabama

Out of Alabama (obviously) comes a ruling in the case of Smith v. Governor for the State of Alabama. The plaintiff, Tony Lee Smith, was apparently denied permission for a dedicated Odinist worship space (he could use the regular open worship space) and a fire pit (he could use a small candle), and refused to place him in a faith-based “honor dorm”. The prison stated concerns about Odinism’s racist connections. He further claimed that artwork was impounded and destroyed, and that he was retaliated against because he practiced a non-Christian religion.

After wending its way through a couple of lower courts, the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals finally denied his appeal, essentially stating that he had no expectation of privacy in his cell, and that he was not treated in a discriminatory fashion. Earlier dismissal of the charges is upheld.

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