July Garden Update

With the miserably cold Spring that we had here in the Garden State, and the unnaturally cold June and most of July, I’m surprised that the garden is doing as well as it is. But anyway, here are some pics as of today.

Tomatoes and peppers to the left, then corn, cucumbers lower right, and pumpkins behind them. (You can see the vé waaay off to the far right if you look closely, and that lattice thing in the far center is the seiðhjallr.)
The pumpkin patch. So far, it had been frustratingly all flowers and no fruit, until today I noticed…
The first actual pumpkin! Tiny, but it’s better than nothing.

Corn’s doing well.

Tomatoes took a while, but they’re coming in nicely.

Cucumbers always do well here. I’m already giving them away to the neighbors.

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