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So here’s a headline you don’t see every day:

Israel: Pagan priest Einar calls for recognition by State


Einar, an Israeli Jew who is a pagan priest in the Asatru community, imagines a future in which the paganism of northern Europe is finally recognised as a legitimate religion in the Jewish State, so that its members are no longer forced to practice it on the fringes of society.

“We’ve already chosen the ideal place for our sanctuary,” Einar said.

“It’s a wooded area in the Golan Heights. There, immersed in nature, we can celebrate our rites and lift up our offerings to the gods,” he said. …

“The Asatru community here has a thousand members. There are 20,000 pagans in Israel overall,” Einar said.

Since the community’s members can’t have a fixed meeting place, they maintain contact through phone messages and periodically gather in places immersed in nature.

There, they make sacrifices to the gods using various animals (cows, chickens, sheep, goats) and then eat the meat.

Huh. Honestly, I’m not sure why he wouldn’t explore the rich heritage of pre-Biblical Israelite polytheism, but maybe making offerings to Odin is a bit more palatable to Israeli sensibilities than Baal.

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