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Freya Aswynn and the Troth

The Troth took a rather extraordinary step the other day, formally and publicly throwing out Freya Aswynn. For those unfamiliar with her, Freya has been around the Asatru community since its early days. She authored one of the more influential books, Leaves of Yggrasil, which was later revised and reprinted as Northern Mysteries and Magic.

She’s a character, to be sure. I met her twice, and have heard many stories from people who know her better than I. She was nice enough to me, and has a reputation for being “out there”, but her passion for the Gods really stood out.

The Troth’s statement leaves it unclear as to why, exactly, they took this step. Apparently it had something to do with her promoting “racism, sexism, homophobia, white supremacy, ableism, or any other form of prejudice”, but the specifics were not given.

Looking on social media, it’s pretty clear that she was drummed out of the Troth because of some social media posts about Islam. Because of that, she was deemed “uninclusive” and they decided not to include her in their organization.

The Troth’s march towards suicide proceeds apace. I know there are a lot of great people who are members of the Troth, but the leadership seems more and more set on imposing a radically progressive vision on the organization as a whole, to the point of siding with people who want to see them killed. Literally.

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