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First-Century Danish Bog Sacrifice – An Entire Army!

ScienceNordic gives us an excellent story on an archaeological dig in Denmark, where an entire army was apparently sacrificed after losing some battle. The bones were dumped in a low-lying area which later became a peat bog, allowing the remains to be remarkably well-preserved.

What leads the investigators to believe that the remains were part of a sacrifice is the fact that they were apparently deliberately moved to the site from whatever battlefield they fell on. The bones show marks of predation, which means they had been left on the battlefield for some time before being moved.

No word in the article as to whether any plainly votive offerings were also found in the peat bog (swords that had been deliberately bent, for example, rendering them useless to mortals and thus firmly and forever in the possession of the Gods), but it’s apparently an enormous site and will take quite a long time to excavate completely.

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