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Everything wrong with Town of Greece v. Galloway in one headline

This says it all.

It’s not the subheader. I expect the Christians to regard my Gods as “false”, just as I regard their god as a fraud. That just comes with the territory of dealing with folks who don’t share one’s own beliefs.

The problem is that parenthetical.

They “let” Pagans pray before public meetings. For them, the Christian majority, prayer before public meetings is a right. For us, the non-Christian minority, it’s a privilege, something doled out at the sufferance of the Christians whose nation this is, and to whom we should be eternally grateful to even be allowed to be here.

They “let” Pagans pray. Just let that sink in. That’s how they think about it.

And what they “let” Pagans do today, they can refuse to “let” them do tomorrow.

Don’t think that’s escaped their thinking, either.

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