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Asatru Prisoner News: Webb v. California Dept. of Corrections

From California comes Webb v. California Dept. of Corrections that was recently (December 23rd) dismissed with leave to amend. The plaintiff, one Jack Webb, alleged that his rights were infringed in numerous ways and on various occasions, including (but not limited to) being denied time and facilities to worship (indoors and outdoors), books relating to Asatru and/or Odinism, herbs and sacred oils, and that one of the guards, while observing a blot being held in the prison yard, called the ritual nonsense and said he was going to end such practices.

The complaint also says the defendant had a hammer taken away from him, and the judge sided with the prison, saying such a thing was a safety violation, but it’s not at all clear whether the hammer in question was a full-sized ritual hammer (which in fairness probably would be unsafe to allow in a prison) or a hammer pendant, which would seem to be okay.

Due to various flaws with the complaint, it was dismissed, but the plaintiff has the right to file an amended complaint.

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