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A Trip to Columcille

Me at “Thor’s Gate”

My family and I spent the day at Columcille Megalth Park, which is a seventeen acre stretch of woods, open spaces, and spectacular stone works. There are (many!) standing stones, towers, buildings, triliths, and other sacred spots all connected by various paths and bridges. It really is a spectacular place, and they do (rather generic “new agey”) rituals there as well. In fact, the Maypole from their Beltane celebration was still up and festooned with ribbons. I took a bunch of photos, but they really don’t do the place justice. If you’re in the general vicinity of northeast Pennsylvania (the place is maybe 20 minutes from the Delaware Water Gap), I heartily recommend it.

The place really has a powerful feel, especially when you get away from the main stone circle right by the parking area, where most people seem to congregate. Once in the woods, treading the paths, it’s easy for the landwights to turn you around, and their presence is definitely felt.

But one of the best things is the dichotomy the site represents. Wandering in those woods, you feel the wild envelop you, but everywhere you turn, there is evidence that people have been there and reinforced the sacrality of the site with stones and ritual. Powerful magic is ground from the mill-stone of such contradictions.

The pictures are all below the fold, because there are so many, and I don’t want folks to have the blog take forever to load unless they’re specifically looking at this post. But do enjoy!

For all pictures, click to embiggen.

“Thor’s Gate”, with the Maypole visible through it. I briefly spoke
to the gentleman who made all this possible, and he told me that
this particular structure was done directly because of an “encounter”
he had with Thor on the Scottish isle of Iona. I can attest that
it is a powerful place.

These sorts of cairns are everywhere across the site. 

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