A Successful Experiment

On this past Friday and Saturday, I engaged in a most successful experimental magical Working.

I had never done anything in the realm of automatic writing before, but had been having some very strong pulls in that direction. Most specifically, over the last few weeks, I’ve felt compelled to contact the spirit of the Germanic sibyl Veleda, a living goddess of the Bructeri in the 1st century CE.

I did the groundwork, first faring forth and asking her if she would be interested in the idea. The response was incredible and immediate; I felt pulled to the site of her grave-mound instantly, and the result was an enthusiastic yes.

Then I felt I needed the permission of Hel, in whose domain Veleda does dwell, after all. That, too, was positive, and permission was granted, although I have to perform a small service for the goddess myself.

The Working proceeded over two nights. I had originally intended to do it over the three nights of the New Moon, but by the third both she and I were exhausted from the effort. We agreed to pick up the third session at the next New Moon.

What happened during the sessions was astounding. I took many pages of dictation, just flowing onto the page as fast as I could write it down (indeed, some of it is a little hard to make out now that I try to read it after the fact). It was a mixture of wisdom for today and prophecy about tomorrow, and I am very much looking forward to the third session, after which I will endeavor to put the whole thing down in a readable format.

Given the success of this Working, I might well do others along a similar vein. I don’t expect anyone outside of myself to believe this is the work of a two-millenia-dead sibyl, but speaking as the person directly involved, I certainly believe that to be the case.

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