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A Halloween visit from the Tomten

So our house-wight (aka the Tomten or Nisse) was feeling a little rambunctious, or lonely, or something last night (Halloween, not coincidentally). My wireless mouse needed a new battery, so I dutifully removed the old one, went downstairs to get a new one, answered the door for some trick-or-treaters, and when I came back upstairs the mouse was gone. Nowhere to be found.

I retraced my steps four times, looked right on the corner of my desk, where I left it, four times, looked in the kitchen, downstairs, even worried that I had absent-mindedly given it to one of the kids instead of candy.

In exasperation, I finally said out loud, to the house-wight, “okay, why are you doing this? Need a little attention? Very amusing!” and kept looking.

So one of our friends who was over and starting to help me look calls over to me, “Is it the gray-and-black one?”

I went over, and there it was, right on the corner of the desk, right where I left it. It had not not been there before. And she couldn’t have hidden it, because it was missing before she had come upstairs.

He’ll be getting an extra-large pat of butter in his porridge this Yule, to keep him happy.

One thought on “A Halloween visit from the Tomten

  1. Yes, you do indeed need to feed the house-wight. I talk to them all the time — and they still play tricks. The old house had a number of them from various backgrounds. There was at least one domovoi. Since we have been in temp housing before moving into our new historical house, I know a few have accompanied us. Whether this is to still to keep us in line or not, I feel better having them.

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