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A Funny Thing Happened On The Way to the Fórn

Every Thursday (which, for those in the know, actually starts at what the modern time-keepers call Wednesday night, since days go dusk-to-dusk), I make an offering to my god-post, carved in the image of Thor, to give thanks to the Aesir and Alfar for what They do for myself and my family.

Well, I did so tonight as I usually do, and as I was winding it up, I noticed something moving immediately to my right. It was low to the ground, but long, and white or silver-gray in color. It was most certainly not the local groundhog, which is both much darker in color and very shy around people. This thing kept coming towards me despite my raising my voice (hoping to avoid a meeting with some sort of predator).

Thinking about it, and remembering the image of what I saw, it definitely could have been a fox.

Now, I’m the last person to go around ascribing supernatural causes to things that could be perfectly natural. But my fetch is a fox, and this thing did not act like a wild animal would normally act around a human.

I’ll pay attention to my dreams tonight, that’s for sure.

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