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Pagan Pedophilia Update

Kenny Klein We have some updates on Paganism’s Pedophilia Problem. The diddlin’ fiddler from N’awlins, Pagan community favorite, Wiccan priest, and convicted child pornographer Kenny Klein, was sentenced last week to twenty years. The judge noted, “that you are a renowned artist, teacher and leader — a high priest in the Wiccan community.” And how… Continue reading Pagan Pedophilia Update

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Calendrical Thoughts – When to celebrate?

Something that has come up in my researches on holidays and calendars and related things is the very practical question of when to celebrate holidays whose customs have been shifted from a traditional pre-Christian date to a Christian calendar date, Saint’s feast, or the like. One example of recent relevance is the transition from winter… Continue reading Calendrical Thoughts – When to celebrate?

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When does reconstructionism end?

By the title of this article I do not mean when does the process of reconstructionism end (which might be an interesting topic in and of itself), but rather when does reconstructionism stop looking for source material? To use a term popular in the SCA*, what is reconstructionist Heathenry’s “period”? In other words, when can… Continue reading When does reconstructionism end?