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The Big Day: Yule (Part One)

What a wealth of winter traditions we’ve uncovered so far, leading up to Yule: A week before the longest night of the year, also the start of the old Heathen month of Mörsugur (“marrow-sucking”), we see Krampusnacht, originally connected with the story of the laming of Thor’s goats. Thor and the goats visit homes, punishing… Continue reading The Big Day: Yule (Part One)

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Why did Snorri pick those myths?

During last night’s Asatru 101 class, which was covering much of the Yule information I’ve been presenting here over the last few weeks, one of the attendees asked a very insightful question in regards to my connecting the myth of Thor’s goats with the celebration of Krampusnacht. I’m paraphrasing, but it was something like “Do… Continue reading Why did Snorri pick those myths?