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They have an Umbrella, We have a Hall

The circus sideshow that is the modern neopagan movement continues to whirl at blazing speed. There are accusations of atheist infiltration, Alt-Right infiltration, and even fundamentalist Christian infiltration. There are dire predictions of doom as the “end of the neopagan era” approaches, various neopagan factions tear each other apart with ever-growing invective, as the SJW’s… Continue reading They have an Umbrella, We have a Hall

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Why a Black Mass in Oklahoma Matters

Apparently Dakhma of Angra Mainyu has engaged the Oklahoma City Civic Center Music Hall to perform a Black Mass in August. Needless to say, the Christians, particularly the Catholics (who apparently believe they have a lock on performing any sort of “Mass”) have gone completely apeshit. One group, called Tradition, Family and Property, has even… Continue reading Why a Black Mass in Oklahoma Matters

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Quote of the Day

“Is a goddess-loving matriarchist who believes transwomen aren’t women really equivalent to the Male Tribalist Heathen who believes the same thing? Or the social justice activist who believes all whites have inherent privilege and responsibility for slavery—are they really equivalent to the white Heathen blood-and-soil Traditionalist who believes in the existence of a Nordic race?… Continue reading Quote of the Day

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About that Skraeling DNA in Iceland…

There’s a story kicking around since 2010 about some results of a DNA survey of Icelanders that purports to show an Amerindian came to Iceland around the year 1000 CE (presumably with some Norse explorers) and interbred. “AH-HA!” the Usual Suspects cry – proof positive that our ancestors didn’t care about “racial purity”. Rather than… Continue reading About that Skraeling DNA in Iceland…

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Over the Rainbow, Part One: Recon = Racist?

The Marxist anarchists over at Gods & Radicals are at it again. In their latest piece, Shane Burley (an author whose biography, tellingly, says nothing at all about his religious background, but rhapsodizes about his ultra-left-wing political activism) takes the requisite shots at folkish Heathenry (which I’ll get to in another post), but the thrust… Continue reading Over the Rainbow, Part One: Recon = Racist?