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Reclaiming the term “Polytheist”

A lot has changed over the last couple of decades. Take, for example, the definition of the term “polytheist”. When I first came into Asatru, there were two types of polytheists – hard and soft. Hard polytheists believed in the literal existence of the Gods as distinct entities. Soft polytheists believed in the Gods as… Continue reading Reclaiming the term “Polytheist”

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One of the more interesting figures from Norse mythology is Utgarda-Loki (Útgarða-Loki in the original Old Norse, and Utgarthilocus in the Latinized version), whose name means “Loki of the Out-yard“). Found in both Snorri’s Prose Edda and Saxo’s Gesta Danorum (“History of the Danes”), Utgarda-Loki is a giant with god-like powers. Some contemporary Heathens contend that… Continue reading Utgarda-Loki

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Mothers’ Night Part Two

Some photos from our family’s Mothers’ Night celebration. We also ended up singing along to Chase Hill’s song “Mother, Listen”, off their new CD “Sing the Sun’s Return” (accompanying booklet with music and lyrics available here) which coincidentally arrived today. Highly recommended! Eclipse awaits the setting of the feast The table is set The Feast… Continue reading Mothers’ Night Part Two

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Blacksmithing, archery, and mead-brewing

There exists within the Asatru community a bunch of folks who look down on Asatruar who have the “wrong” hobbies. They seem to think that Asatruar who live in 21st century post-industrial societies should scorn popular culture, and have interests that only intersect with our Heathen faith. Mead brewing, archery, and blacksmithing are held to… Continue reading Blacksmithing, archery, and mead-brewing