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Book Review: “The Tradition of Household Spirits”

I am a huge fan of scholar Claude Lecouteux’s work. A professor of medieval literature and civilization at the Sorbonne, his knowledge of European folk-customs, particularly those of the Germanic peoples, is simply encyclopedic, and every one of his books is a treasure-trove of knowledge both obscure and well-known, all put into a single coherent… Continue reading Book Review: “The Tradition of Household Spirits”

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Is this Pagan? (Part Three)

“They say, ‘I was an Indian in a former life.’Well…you’re white now!” – Charlie Hill, Native Comedian In part one of this series, I discussed the Japanese religion of Shinto, and in part two, I discussed the West African religious complex of Yorùbá. Today I’d like to round out the series with a discussion of Amerindian religion.… Continue reading Is this Pagan? (Part Three)