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Inn Draugar

Today, gives us an article from a SCAdian on the “living dead” of the Icelandic sagas, the in draugr. Very different from traditional non-corporeal ghosts, much more akin to what we think of today as zombies. Great overview of the source material.

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The Pagan Heritage of St George

Today presents us with a paper originally presented at last year’s International Medieval Congress entitled The Pagan Heritage of St. George. It’s a fascinating exploration of pre-Christian motifs that have been incorporated into the traditional Medieval legend of St. George and the Dragon. While I’m dubious of some of the claims in the paper… Continue reading The Pagan Heritage of St George

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Subjective Ethnicity today calls our attention to a fascinating paper from Scandia 2008; Dark Age Migrations and Subjective Ethnicity: The Example of the Lombards. Wow. The premise is that most of what we today consider to be tribal and ethnic groupings from Classical writers aren’t really so. They’re “subjective” groupings based on the personal followers of… Continue reading Subjective Ethnicity