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Nordic Witchcraft in Transition

Today calls our attention to a paper by Stephen A. Mitchell (author of the excellent Witchcraft and Magic in the Nordic Middle Ages, which I’ve read and consider to be a wonderful treatment of the subject) from Scandia in 1997 entitled Nordic Witchcraft in Transition: Impotence, Hersery and Diabolism in 14th-century Bergen. I’ve been fascinated with… Continue reading Nordic Witchcraft in Transition

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Runology, Part 1: One Man’s Futhark is another’s Futhork

When they think of “the runes”, most non-Heathens will immediately think of a set of 24 runic symbols, each of which has a set form (perhaps with very minor variations) and a “meaning”. These runes are used for divination and decoration mostly, and as such are one of a large number of divinatory tools including… Continue reading Runology, Part 1: One Man’s Futhark is another’s Futhork


UPG Sucks

For those who aren’t “hep to the jive”, UPG is a term that means, alternately, Unverified Personal Gnosis, Unattributed Personal Gnosis, Unusual Personal Gnosis, etc. It’s a term that is current in the Asatru community, and has made its way into other reconstructionist and neopagan communities as well, that basically serves as a catch-all for… Continue reading UPG Sucks