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Walpurgisnacht Part Two

Carrying on from part one of this series, we have seen a fair amount of evidence suggestive of the fact that the celebration of St. Walpurga was mapped onto a pre-Christian goddess associated with “the miracle of the grain”. Let’s see what else we can glean on this major-yet-still-enigmatic holiday. Specifically, it’s most famous association;… Continue reading Walpurgisnacht Part Two

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Book Review: Re-Tribalize Now!

Edred Thorsson’s latest book is not only a departure from his usual magically-focused works, but it is possibly one of his most important books to date. As the title implies, Re-Tribalize Now! (sub-titled “A step-by-step guide to cultural renewal”) focuses on the project of realigning culture along the ancient tribal model, with a focus on… Continue reading Book Review: Re-Tribalize Now!